by John Barnett

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Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart (4 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
Luke 1

Please open in your Bibles with me to Luke chapter 1 again. As you are turning there I want to talk as I said about loving God with all your heart. I want to read to you from the context of a Mother. This is the second part of our biographical study of Mary- one of the most well-known, beloved women in the world. We are looking at and seeing from her life some secrets about loving God.

An author named Dianne Lorang wrote this extolling the virtues of a loving mother. Listen to these words because they have touched my heart. Keep the Fire Glowing , paraphrased this essential ingredient of mothering in the form of I Corinthians 13:

''If I talk to my children about what is right and what is wrong, but have not love, I am like a ringing doorbell or pots banging in the kitchen. And though I know what stages they will go through, and understand their growing pains, and can answer all their questions about life, and believe myself to be a devoted mother, but have not love, I am nothing.

If I give up the fulfillment of a career to make my children's lives better, and stay up all night sewing costumes or baking cookies on short notice, but grumble about lack of sleep, I have not love and accomplish nothing.

A loving mother is patient with her children's immaturity and kind even when they are not; a loving mother is not jealous of their youth nor does she hold it over their heads whenever she has sacrificed for them. A loving mother does not push her children into doing things her way. She is not irritable, when the chicken pox have kept her confined with three whining children for two weeks, and does not resent the child who brought the affliction home in the first place.

A loving mother is not relieved when her disagreeable child finally disobeys her directly and she can punish him, but rather rejoices with him when he is being more cooperative. A lov ...

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