by John Barnett

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James and the 1st Church at Jerusalem (10 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett

Open your Bibles to the book of James and I hope this morning to encourage you with what a wonderful book this is. You're turning to the first book the New Testament Church got of the New Testament. A lot of times we think of them in order and we think Matthew was the first book but it wasn't. The first book the early church got from the inspired pen of one of God's special servants was James. And God who had not spoken on paper since Malachi- 430 years before Christ now nearly 500 years later God sends this first letter in written form to the Church. Now He sent Christ and Christ spoke as no one ever spoke but his words were not to be written down for several years more before the Gospel writers wrote it. And so the book you hold in front of you is God's first word written to the New Testament people, the New Covenant people, the Church that we are a part of. What an exciting time it must have been for them as James the brother- the half brother of Jesus Christ began writing under the inspiration of God's Spirit and this first letter to be circulated as it went out through out the Church was read eagerly and as those words were ministering to hearts.

Well as we flew many miles the last few weeks I set a goal to read through this book at least once every day as we rode around and flew on those different flights. As I read I saw and as you read this you see, too that James really addresses 12 different facets of Church life. There are actually 12 paragraphs that are in this book and each one speaks to a need that was present in the first century Church. And so I want to take you for just a moment this morning to a church service and just put in some names for you to think about what these people were like the first time they heard this letter because James the brother of Jesus Christ was pastoring the first Church at Jerusalem. And the people you read abou ...

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