by John Barnett

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The Rich-Poor and the Poor-Rich (13 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 1:9-11

Open you Bibles with me please to James in our continuing study and prayerful looking into this text. For me as I trust with you my heart is so blessed every week as a familiar portion of Scripture becomes a precious and endeared portion of Scripture. In our text this morning which is in chapter 1 verses 9-11 we find God describing 4 types of people that live on the planet. Living among us and us included are four basic types of people that are in His sight. And those types of people are those who are outwardly-- either rich or poor and inwardly-- either rich or poor. Now think about this: all of you know the verse in the Bible: Man looketh at the outward but what? God looketh at the heart, right? God says outwardly when people look at you either you are rich or poor. Let me define poverty, ok? In the Bible poverty is this: panas is the word and that means someone who---- a penny is our smallest unit of currency---- it's interesting that that's a little link to English but there were two basic kinds of people in the ancient world. Those who worked all day today to get enough money to buy what they needed to end the day and start tomorrow and then they worked all day tomorrow to earn enough money to get food on the way home and to buy enough for the next morning. So basically they had enough from their days work to live for another day and that's all. Then were the people who had enough laid up that they didn't have to worry about working everyday to eat food and those were the rich who had enough laid up for more than one day and the poor who lived one day at a time. Now there was a level below that-there were the people who even after working all day who begged and everything else--- still were hungry and those were considered the absolute impoverished and that's the word Christ uses in the Sermon on the Mount where He says blessed are the impoverished in ...

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