by John Barnett

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Extravagant Giving - Is Rich toward God (14 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 1:9-11

Let's open in our Bibles to Luke 12 to study our continuing and concluding time looking at James chapter 1. The context is this: we are looking this morning at the Scriptures in James that talk about the rich and the poor. We saw last week and the week before that there are actually types of rich people and two types of poor people and the deciding factor is what they are on the inside. God says that someone who is truly rich is not merely rich on the outside-that really has nothing to do with it. I am talking about possessions, power, prestige, and great ability to have what you want--- that isn't the deciding factor. In God's Book the deciding factor is what is the eternal, that spiritual, the immaterial--- what it that that will never pass away--- what is factor looking like because true riches come from internally being rich toward God. Now how do you get rich toward God? That's the follow up question if we were having a press conference and the Lord was speaking and saying I want you to be rich toward Me and they'd say how do we get rich toward You? And that's what we are going to look at this morning and the characteristic is this---- now think about it--- at the Lord's Table---- the Lord's Table is a time of communing with the Lord. It's a time of consecration, renewing, refocusing. It's a time of our hearts welling up thinking about the very foundation of our salvation being the shed blood of Jesus Christ---- His once and for all sacrifice----- His substitutionary payment for our sins and putting Himself as the One who died in our place---- He gave Himself for me. But at that time--- it's a time when we remember that as our response to what He did He asks us to give ourselves back to Him. This morning the greatest thing we could do for God is to give ourselves back to Him. The greatest thing we could do to be rich toward God is to give ourse ...

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