by John Barnett

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How to Overcome Temptations (16 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 1:13

A famous entertainer was recently interviewed and he made an interesting statement. He said you know the only thing I can't resist is temptation. I thought that was very interesting-that's kind of the attitude of our world when they consider the topic we are looking at this morning. It's probably because they haven't let the Word of God light up on their lives.

Open with me to James chapter 1. We are going to look at what God says about temptation.
-Where it comes from
-What causes it
-What we are to do with it
-What we are not to do with it
-What God's plan is
-How He wants us to triumph through it
-To be strengthened and to actually magnify His name because of our response

The book of James was a letter written 19 ½ centuries ago. It was from the heart of a pastor who knew his flock well. Pastor James knew the weaknesses that his congregation and all of us face in our everyday lives and he explained how to turn them into opportunities for faithfulness to God. With the breath of God breathing through him, he was supernaturally inspired to explain God's plan:
In verses 13 through 15 he tells us that God wants us to endure trials and that will be leading us to triumphs. On the other hand Satan wants us to let those trials deteriorate into temptations that lead us into choosing to sin. That's how simple it is. Everyone as one young missionary martyr wrote in the flyleaf of his Bible- his name was John Stam.

On the inside of his Bible it was found after he was killed in the spring of 1948 by communist rebels in Red China these words: ''before each of us this day lies the platform of exposure to temptation from it leads seven glorious steps upward and seven damnable steps downward...'' What he had distilled down in his life was that he was going to choose by the grace of God to take a step of triumph of victory rather than a step of yielding to his ...

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