by John Barnett

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The Have's and the Have Nots (25 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 1:18

Let's open in our Bibles to our Lord's brother's letter, that's James. We are in the first chapter, the 18th verse. We are looking at a simple thought-I want you to think about it because it was illustrated all day long yesterday, OK? We are looking at the haves and the have-nots. Now I had to come to church for various reasons four times yesterday. I think that I crossed 71st Street 8 times. You know what I learned yesterday? That there were a lot of people that had a parking space at the Mall and a lot of them that didn't and they were just milling around looking for parking spaces. If you were at the Mall yesterday there was a great premium on a parking space and everything else on 71st Street. And you know there are two kinds of people at the Mall yesterday. Those that had a parking space and those that didn't. And you know come the end of January there's going to be two kinds of people again in the world- those that have seats to the Super Bowl and those that don't. Now I am not sure that any of you would want to go- I heard someone say that their favorite team isn't going to be there so they don't care anymore. That's real generous of them for the sport. But those that have and those that don't.

Look at verse 18 because God says the same thing only in a far greater sense. He says this: Of His own will (that's of God's own will) He brought us forth by the word of truth, now what is he talking about? He is talking about how people get saved and he says there are two kinds of people in the world- and I am not on the trite level of Mall parking spaces or football tickets. I am talking about people's eternal destiny. And he said this either you have been born again of God- either He has supernaturally done a heart transplant in you or you're not- or you haven't been or you don't have eternal life. Either you have it or you don't-the haves and the have-nots. ...

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