by John Barnett

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Seven Vital Signs of Living Faith (28 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 2:14-26

Let’s open our Bibles to James 2:14. I want to very clearly (and this is so critical for our communion this morning) sketch for you from verses 14 to 26- now listen- the Seven Vital Signs of Living Faith. James, the pastor of the Church in Jerusalem, beloved of his people and loving those saints so much was so concerned that they not be content with anything short of genuine living faith. What he does for them is he sketches across the backdrop of Old Testament history, New Testament life, the teachings of Christ, and the vital signs.

I was thinking as we drove hundreds of miles the past 12 days, we saw so many accidents. It seems like the more you drive the Interstates, the more you see people-you don’t even know how they do that-they get across, they are headed the wrong way, they are against a tree and smashed and rolled. You see every part- the burning cars, the people on stretchers as you travel around. I thought about how when the emergency workers get to the scene how they look for vital signs because they only want to work with the ones that they can work with. If they are gone already they just stop and go on. They are trained to go and look for vital signs of life.

James says take the pulse of your spiritual life and make sure that you have vital signs. Don’t be content with having all the appearance of life, check and make sure you are alive in Christ- and that’s what he does. We are going to look at verses 14-26 but specifically I want to catch up where we are.

This morning our passage in James is all about genuine, reliable, life changing and soul saving faith.
Faith DISPLAYS itself in godly works is the thesis of this loving pastor’s letter. He says if you have faith in God and it’s genuine it will be displaying itself in godly works. You know we have been taught all of our lives not to be like those works oriented people that ...

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