by Jerry Vines

God's Formula for the Family
Jerry Vines
Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4-6

God has a very interesting kind of mathematics in this passage. The Lord says that in marriage one plus one equals one. He said you take a man and you take a woman and the two become one. There in that little formula which God has given is the formula for success in a marital relationship.

Now if we are to build the kind of homes we ought to build, I believe we must discover the bible principles which God has given to us in his word. This morning I dealt with some of the problems and some of the difficulties of the home. I talked a little bit about some of the attacks upon the home. Some of the influences of the home that are keeping the home from being what it ought to be. But I want to be a little more positive tonight and be a little more practical and helpful and just talk with you about what the scripture says concerning how to build a good strong home.

Now I have behind me here probably a hundred of our young people and it won't be many more years and virtually every one of them will be married. They will have homes of their own and they will be building a home and they will be bringing up boys and girls just like many of you have done and are doing right now. They need to know everything they possibly can about how to build a strong home that will be pleasing unto the Lord Jesus Christ. I think it is very important for our young people and for all us to know that in the marriage relationship it is one plus one equals one. Now when I was younger preacher I used to read the statistics and see the reasons why homes were breaking up and why divorces could be granted. One of the things I noticed that was the most common grounds for divorce was the matter of incompatibility. I used to scoff at that. I used to make fun and I used to say well how absurd that people get divorces on the bases of incompatibility. Yet I have come to understand the scripture that this is exactly the reas ...

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