by John Barnett

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A Normal Christian Life (34 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 5:7-20

We are going to conclude the Book of James this morning and let’s start in James chapter 5:7 as we go to the end of this chapter. As you are turning there I would like to share with you that since Thanksgiving when I started not feeling well and started visiting the doctor and losing a lot of blood at these blood tests I noticed something interesting when I met with the doctor. He would take a blood test then they would call me back in and go over it with me. They always did two things: He would look me in the eye and say these are your test results and this is normal. Either I was above or below. Above--- to many nucleosides or what ever and so then that or monocytes so that meant that I had mono. Or not enough of these meant something was bad. But what I thought was interesting was they gave an indicator of where I was and then the doctor would say this is normal.

I started thinking about it. Most of us would like this to be normal and we would like to not have anything too high or too low in our physical bodies. And most of us when we read this Book we almost get the idea that the people that are in this Book lived in some kind of rarified atmosphere and they were living some kind of extraordinary, abnormal, supernatural kind of life that we can’t have. And so we almost disconnect when we read these lives. Now we want it and we think it’s wonderful and we hope we can be pleasing to the Lord but it’s almost like the Elijah’s, Jobs, Daniels, Noah’s and great saints like the Apostle Paul’s and Peters---- are just kind of abnormal.

Well what James does starting in verse 7--- I want to underline this in your mind--- James gives five indicators of what a normal Christian life looks like. Now the bulletin says persevering in prayer. That’s only one of the indicators. This morning if you would like to just track with me in your mind--- think of this: think of goi ...

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