by John Barnett

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The Church Scattered (35 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett
James 1:1

What have you done in your life so far that will outlast your memory here on earth? In other words if you are not George Washington so you are on all the money and cities are named after you or Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon- and be in all the history books or someone like that, and if you are just normal what are you involved in that’s going to last longer than the memory of those that loved you here on earth? That’s something we all should think about because we have the opportunity this morning and in our lives to do something that will last forever. A lot of people don’t think about that. You know we think about our yards and the frost kills last year’s plants that we so worked on and we forgot to cover them--- or our grass if you are not constantly working on it- it goes back to nature--- or the house is either pecked away by the birds or rotted away or slowly the moisture gets in and things just fall apart. But God says that anything that you do in His Church, for His Kingdom lasts forever. And so if you are--- this morning with a table in front of you and there are things on it you can busy yourself with that aren’t going to matter in 5 years or definitely not in 50 and no one will know about them in 100--- and there are other things in front of you that you just at all are involved with they last forever. Which do you think is the better investment of your time? The Church. I want to show you--- if you want to turn with me to the book of James--- I want to show you how Christ said you can be a part of my Church and if you are part of My Church, you are part of something that lasts. You are part of something that lasts beyond the memory that you might have among those that love you. It will last beyond even what the world will remember. In fact He said that what you do He is going to eternalize and it will last forever in Heaven and that yours and my privilege is to ...

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