by Donald Cantrell

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Discerning Dreams with Daniel (2 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 2:1-30

I - The Dreamer and his Dilemma (1 - 13)
II - The Deliverer and his Desire (14 - 23)
III - The Discerner and his Delight (24 - 30)

This sermon has a fully detailed alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Daniel was favored by God to discern the king's dream''

Nebuchadnezzar and his Great Reign
1. His Boundaries and Growth
2. His Brutality and Grief
3. His Beauty and Gardens
Nebuchadnezzar and his Given Role (Jer. 25: 9, 27: 6, 43: 10)
1. He was a Pagan
2. He was a Participant

Let us look at some interesting insight on dreams and dreaming:

-You cannot snore and dream at same time
-Adults averaging dreaming 1 ½ to 3 hours nightly
-On average we will spend 6 years of our sleep dreaming
and when we awake we will not remember most of them
-On average we dream 1460 dreams per year or 4 per night
-Most of us dream every 90 minutes, and the longest dreams (30-45 minutes) occur in the morning.
-Chocolate in a dream may symbolize that the dreamer feels the need to be rewarded and deserves special treatment. It could also mean that the dreamer has been indulging in too many excesses and needs to practice restraint.
-Falling dreams typically occur at the beginning of the night, in Stage I sleep. These dreams are often accompanied by muscle spasms, called myoclonic jerks, and are common in many mammals.
-In general, pregnant women remember dreams more than other populations. This is largely due to the extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy.
-Childhood dreams are shorter than adult dreams and nearly 40% of them are nightmares, which may act as a coping mechanism.
-One of the most infamous precognitive dreams in history was President Lincoln's in 1865. The president envisioned his own demise just a few days before he was assassinated in Ford's Theater on April 14, 1865.

In our text today we are going to see that Nebuchadnezzar ...

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