by Jerry Vines

Sermon #1
II Kings 4:25-26
10/6/85 a.m. Dr. Vines
I want us to take a little visit to one of the well-known families
of the Bible. I refer to the family of the woman who is known in the Bible as
the Shunammite woman. The Bible says about her that she was a great woman.
Notice back in the 8th verse of that chapter, that's what the Bible says:
...that Elisha passed to Shunem, where was a great
The Bible never uses its accolades indiscriminately. When the Bible says
something you can know it's true. Sometimes we talk about something being
great or something being magnificent or something being tremendous and we may
stretch our words a little bit. But when the Bible says she was a great
woman, we can be assured that indeed she was. I think when we read these
verse we discover why the Bible says she was such a great woman. She was a
great woman because of the things she did to make her family the kind of
family it ought to be. Probably she would never get her family mentioned in
Better Homes and Garden, yet, in the Word of God, the Bible takes note of the
fact of this godly woman and the kind of family she was able to built. There
are several characteristics about this family which illustrate to us its
greatness. First of all I want you to notice in verse 8 that she evidently
had a very friendly family. The story is told here about Elisha who was a
prophet of God, who from time to time on his preaching tour would come by
where this Shunammite woman's family was. The Bible says that she would
constrain him to eat bread. It's not hard to talk a preacher into staying for
...And so it was, that as oft as he passed 'by, he
turned in thither to eat bread.
In other words, it was one of those very friendly kind of families. I don't
know what it is that makes some families that way, and others not that way;
but there are some places where you go and you just feel like you are at
home. You don't have to ca ...

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