by Jerry Vines

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Hope for the End Times
Jerry Vines
2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

It is the prediction of 2 Thessalonians 2 that in
the end times multitudes of people in the world will
fall for the Antichrist. They will fall for his
counterfeit miracles, and they will worship him as
God. He will establish himself on the throne in the
temple of God and the multitudes of the world will bow
down and worship him as their ultimate deity.

The question arises -- why in the world would
people do this? Why would intelligent people fall for
something as obviously satanic as the appearance of
the Antichrist at the end of the age. You remember
several months ago the Heaven Gates cult out in
California, who followed the teachings of a man named
Marshall Applewhite. Thirty-eight of them followed
him in suicide. They believed that they were going to
have a rendezvous with the Halle Bop comet or with a
space ship behind that comet and that they would be
lifted to a higher level. You might say they just
weren't intelligent people, they were simple minded
and uneducated and that's why they fell for it. But
that is not what the indications are when you read the
biographical background of these people in the cult.
You will find that many of them were computer wizards.
Many of them had graduate degrees. These were not
uneducated, simple people. Why would people, normally
intelligent, people of above average intelligence,
fall for such kind of teaching?

It is an illustration to us in the end times,
just like it was in the Heavens Gate cult, of the
tremendous power of deception. Deception can have
tremendous power on the minds of individuals.
Deception can do things to people and cause them to
believe things and act in ways that you would never
imagine normal people could believe and act.

Have you ever had anybody say to you --it really
doesn't matter what you believe, just as l ...

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