by Jerry Vines

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Jude 11-13
Jerry Vines
Apostate Files, #3

I have titled this series, The Apostate Files, because this book gives to us the clearest picture
in all of Scripture, and in all of literature, who the apostates are and what apostates teach. We are
looking at it carefully, section by section, and trying to really dig into what God has to say.
At the time the little book of Jude was written in the early history of the church, apostates
were already on the scene. In verse 4 he says, "For there are certain men." Not there are going to
be. They are already present. They are present today. Apostates are existing today in organized
Christendom. Apostates are in churches. Some are occupying pulpits; others are teaching in various
ministries of the church. Some are in Christian institutions of learning, occupying professorships and
chairs of religion. Some are in denominations. The apostates were on the scene in the New
Testament day; they are on the scene in the 20th Century.
The difficulty is that it is hard sometimes to detect the apostates. He says in verse 4, "For
there are certain men crept in unawares." That is, they slip in. They are hard to detect. So, God has
given us a book which helps us to detect them.
Maybe you've been keeping up with the recent events in Miami of the murder of the fashion
designer, Versace, by the homosexual gigolo, Andrew Conanan. It appears that he was very good
at changing his appearance. One of the reasons they have had difficulty in tracing him and finding him
through the series of murders (maybe four or five), was because he was able to change his
appearance. So, the law enforcement officers put out a poster and on it they gave a series of pictures,
diffe ...

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