by Jerry Vines

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Hope for the End Times
Jerry Vines
II Thessalonians 3:1-5

These are the last words of the Apostle Paul to
his young converts in the church of Thessalonica. In
these closing verses, he is now turning to practical
matters. He has answered some of the questions that
had been troubling them because of false teaching they
had heard. In chapter 1, he talks about the return --
the revelation of the Lord Jesus. In chapter 2, he
talks about the rise of apostasy and the rebellion of
the Antichrist. Then in chapter 3, he talks about
responsibilities which believers have as they live for
the Lord. So, in a very practical, down-to-earth way,
these verses give us encouragement and incentive as we
seek to live for the Lord every day of our lives.

In these verses you will find basically three
things arranged here. You will find a prayer, a
promise, and a prescription.

I. There is a PRAYER here.

First of all notice a prayer beginning in verse
1. "Finally, brethren, pray for us..." Here's the
great Apostle Paul. Here's the man who wrote at least
half of the books of the New Testament. This great
man of God, Paul, and yet he says to those believers
to pray for us.

Prayer is one of those areas where all of God's
people are on the same level. I have the privilege of
praying for you and you have the privilege of praying
for me. Each of us can share equally in the ministry
of prayer one for another. It's a great compliment
when someone comes to you and asks you to pray for
him. I got a call early this morning from a friend of
mine. He got a report from his doctor that he has
cancer. He asked me to pray for him. I was
complimented as I was also burdened for him. I was
complimented that he had enough confidence in my walk
with the Lord and my fellowship with the Lord that he
would ask me to pray for him. When somebody comes to
you and asks ...

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