by Stephen Whitney

Significance of the Resurrection
Stephen Whitney
I Corinthians 15:17-22

Easter Sermon

In 1991 Oliver Stone produced a movie about former President John F. Kennedy titled JFK. He fudged on the facts and then defended his actions by saying that what was really important was the story's ''mythic sense'' - or his interpretation of the facts. The historical accuracy didn't matter.

Since the first century there have been people who say that the historical accuracy Jesus' resurrection is not important. They claim that Jesus rose spiritually, not physically from the grave.

But the historical accuracy is crucial to the truthfulness of the Christian faith. The literal bodily resurrection supports the the sufficiency of Jesus' atoning death for our sins and the hope we have of eternal life because he rose from the dead.

The resurrection of Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. Matthew Henry wrote, ''Having shown that Christ was risen, the apostle answers those who said there would be no resurrection.''

Paul states three facts if Jesus was not resurrected from the dead:
1. Our sins have not been forgiven (:17).
2. Those who died will not be given new life (:18).
3. If our hope is only in this life we should be pitied (:19).

Sins :17
If Christ has not been raised from the dead our faith is useless.
Futile (KJB vain) - Gk. without effect, purpose or success (:2, 14).

Still in your sins - not forgiven of them by God.
Matthew Henry wrote, No remission of sins is to be had but through the shedding of his blood. And had his blood been shed, and his life taken away, without ever being restored, what evidence could we have had that through him we should have justification and eternal life? Had he remained under the power of death, how
could he have delivered us from its power?
Romans 4:25 Jesus was delivered up (to die) for our trespasses and raised (from death) for our justification (declared righteous).
C ...

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