by Jason Dees

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Authority in the Home (3 of 4)
Series: By Design: Living out God’s Order
Jason Dees
Ephesians 6:1-4, Ephesians 5:18-21

The Spirit filled child
The Spirit filled Dad

I think I have told you this story before, but it is worth retelling on Father’s Day. Especially on a day when we are talking about authority in the home. Because there was never any confusion about who had authority in my house as a child. My Father is a big man, lovingly called Big John. He checked in about 250 throughout most of my childhood, and my dad played football at Auburn in the 1970s he was on the Punt Bama punt team. He played Linebacker for Auburn under the legendary coach Shug Jordan.
So growing up I was always wanting to beat my dad in football. So I remember one weekend I was 8 years old and I had my football pads home and I wanted to go and do some tackling drills with my dad.
And I think we actually have a picture. So you can see clearly my dad was intimidated. So we go out to the local high school near my house and I would run the football and he was trying to tackle me and I kept breaking his tackle attempts. And my dad being the ever encourager kept saying, man son, you are good, you are hard to tackle. But eventually I got a little frustrated because I felt like my dad wasn’t giving it his all, I mean after all this guy played SEC football and I was just in 8 and under football. How was I running over him?
So at one point I looked at him and said, come on dad, I want you to show me what you got, this is weak, I thought you played SEC football, I want you to give me everything you have got.
Well when I said that the look in his eye changed and he kind of got down in his linebacker stance and I started running toward him, and when he hit me I experienced something like I have never experienced before. I think we actually have a video of that hit.
So I am laying there on the field, and I had gotten the breath knocked out of me, and I think I ...

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