by Jim Perdue

Missing Easter
Jim Perdue
John 20:19-29


*Last year I missed Easter. It was awful! I had gone through all the preparations for Easter that a pastor should undergo. I was ready, I was excited, I was pumped about Easter Sunday. The, the day before Easter, I came down with a horrible stomach bug. I called Patrick that evening and said, ''I'm sick, I don't think I'll be able to make it to church tomorrow.'' So Patrick, poor guy, had to take my notes and preach my Easter message. Because of being sick that day I missed Easter! I missed church, I missed one of the greatest Sundays of the year, I missed Jake's first Easter Egg Hunt and his brand new Easter outfit...all because I was in the bed sick! There were consequences for missing Easter.*

Today, I want to talk to you about someone in the Bible who missed Easter. Now, he didn't miss Easter Sunday service, like I did last year. But he missed Easter because He missed the meaning of Easter. You see, you can be HERE today, on Easter Sunday, and still miss Easter. Missing Easter is not about missing a church service; it is about missing a personal experience with the risen Christ. To miss Easter is to miss the meaning of Easter- to miss the resurrection- to miss the real Jesus.

John 20:19-29 tells us a story of a disciple of Christ who missed Easter. Thomas, known to many of us as ''Doubting Thomas'' missed the appearance of Christ after His resurrection. As a result, he missed Easter. What happens when you miss Easter?

1. If you miss Easter, you miss an encounter with Jesus: 19-24


Verses 19-23 describe a post-resurrection appearance of Jesus to His disciples. It was the Sunday evening after the crucifixion of Jesus. His disciples were scared and confused, they had locked themselves in a room in fear that those who had murdered Jesus would soon be looking for them.

All of a sudden, Jesus appears to His disciples. The Bible says that ''Jesus came and stood in their ...

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