by Jerry Vines

We have been talking together now for about four Wednesday nights
about the overall theme of the return of the Lord Jesus. The reason we
are doing this is to give you an overview of the entire subject of the
coming of the Lord to help prepare us as we go into the study of the book
of Revelation, on Sunday Nights. God willing Sunday after next we will
begin our studies of the Book of the Revelation. Now I think we will
find this to be a very helpful and informative study of god's word. But
I felt that it would be necessary for us to get in out minds the basic
truths of the coming of the Lord. To get an overall perspective of what
scripture says about the return of Jesus. So in the first message we
have talked about sane of the signs of the times. Some of the things
that give an indication to us that the coming of the Lord is drawing
nigh. We talked about the spiritual signs, what the religious world
looks like. We have talked about the moral signs, the moral climate
indicating the nearness of our Lord Jesus Christ's return. We talked
about some of the physical signs. Jesus said there would be signs in
the sun and the moon and the stars. Then we talked a little bit about
some of the national signs and the great movements of history toward the
end of the age as they culminate in the return of our Lord Jesus. Then
we talked about the return of Jesus as it applies to those who are saved.
Those who know Jesus. What will it mean when Jesus comes again. And
the word that we zeroed in on to help us understand the return of Christ
as it relates to the believer is the word rapture. The Lord Jesus will
come for his saints, he will descend into the air the saints of God will
be caught up in the air to meet the Lord. Then we said the believer would
be going to the judgement seat of Christ there to be examined concerning
the deeds done in this body. And then they would go to the great marriage
supper of the Lamb. The fu ...

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