by Jerry Vines

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Now I said to you last week that there are two phases of the
second coming of our Lord. One is the rapture, when the Lord Jesus
comes in the air for his saints. Jesus comes in the air and believers
are caught up to meet him is what we call rapture. The only phase of
the coming of the Lord will be approximately seven years later when
Jesus will cane with his saints back to this earth to rule and to
reign. So you have got to keep these two points in mind if you are
going to understand the scriptures about the return of cur Lord. He
comes in the air for his saints, in rapture. He will come back to the
earth with his saints in the revelati on.
Now we are going to deal tonight with that period of time in
between these two events. Last Wednesday night we talked about the
return of the Lord as it relates to the children of God. To those
who are saved. And the majority of you in this building tonight if
Jesus should come you would be caught up in the air to meet the Lord.
If he should come you would be caught up in the rapture. We are going
to talk about tonight what about those who will not be caught up when
Jesus comes. What about those who are unsaved tonight if Jesus should
come, what would take place.
Now there is a verse of scripture I want to give tonight because
I believe it includes more things that relate to this area than any
one verse I know in the whole bible. Turn to Revelation chapter three
verse ten. That will be our point of beginning tonight and then we
will move on from that point to other passages of scripture that bear
on this important subject. Revelation chapter three, verse ten.
Now let me read that verse to you and we will talk about the time on
the earth after saved people have been caught up to meet the Lord. Here
is what the Lord Jesus says to the church of Philadelphia. Now the
church of Philadelphia represents the church of true believers.
Those who know Christ as saviour. They are ...

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