by Jerry Watts

The Resurrection Impact
Jerry Watts
Matthew 27:50, 57-66, 28:1-7

Here we stand this morning, kind of early, because it was early when the ladies arrived at the tomb to discover the stone rolled away, the tomb empty, and Jesus alive.

As the heart beats blood to every part of the human body to give life, so the Resurrection gives life to Christianity. Without the Resurrection, we have little to celebrate, Paul tells us that we are of all men most miserable, and we have no judgment day resurrection to anticipate because if Christ has not been resurrected, then there is no resurrection of the dead. If you can take away or disprove the resurrection, then you have dismantled Christianity and cut its heart out. If Jesus is still in the grave, Christianity takes its place alongside the other religions of the world.

The empty tomb is Christianity. The stone which was rolled away can be said to be the foundation stone of our faith because without the stone rolled away, the empty tomb, and Jesus being alive, we have nothing! The empty tomb is our rock of Gibraltar upon which we can firmly plant our live. The graves of Mohammed, Buddha, and Joe Smith, are all occupied, but Jesus’ grave is empty.

August 6 and 9 in 1945, the United States dropped ‘‘THE BOMB’’ on Japan killing several hundred thousand of the enemy. Only six days after the second bomb fell, Japan announced its surrender to the allies and WWII was over. The impact of those unexpected bombs changed the nature and course of the war. In the war between righteousness and good, heaven and hell, as well as life and death, the resurrection of Jesus had the impact of the ‘‘BOMB’’, it changed things.

(TEXT) Can you put yourself in the place of these ladies and imagine coming to the grave of your loved one only to find they’re gone?!?! Would that change things? The resurrection impact runs deep. Follow as we speaks of three truths and unpack the Impact of the Resurrection.

The fear about The Resurrectio ...

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