by Jerry Watts

Who Knows
Jerry Watts
Luke 19:28-41

In His earthly life, Jesus had done (or did) nothing but help people. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the lame to walk, cast out demons, healed lepers, and even raised the dead. He fed the multitudes, taught the multitudes, and inspired the multitudes with those ‘earthly stories with heavenly meanings’ that we call ‘parables.’ Additionally, He taught clearly and concisely in the Sermon on the Mount about all the things that were important.

Know what, the crowds were drawn to Him. Yet, when He did something amazing for someone, His words were ‘‘don’t tell anybody’’ or like to his mom in John 2, ‘‘My time has not yet come.’’

But this day was different! On this day, the Sunday before His final Passover (and the day ‘we know’ was the first day of His last week), things were different. On this day, He came riding into town for all to see. But what exactly did they see? They saw Jesus not riding into town on a ‘‘White Stallion’’ like a Conquering King would have, they didn’t see Him riding into town on a ‘Chariot’ like a ruler might, but rather He rode into town on a donkey, a beast of burden. Why? It could be several reasons, starting with fulfilling prophesy. Jesus carried the burden for the soul of every person who would ever live. What He would do in the coming week would chart the course for all. If mankind were to have any hope, it would be because He - the King, the Lord, and the Master would fulfill His purpose and through His death become the sacrifice and Savior of all.

Quite likely, you could cut the tension of this day with a knife. As people lined the primitive road praising Him, waving branches and even singing, the religious leaders were looking on with disdain. Into town on a little donkey came THE KING, but Jesus was not the King for which they were looking. Such is the nature of a King. When you get a King, He may not be what you are thinking He will be because the King sets the rules, ...

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