by Jerry Vines

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Seeking The Pearl - Part 1 (1 of 2)
Matthew 13:45-46
Now then I want you to turn to the thirteenth chapter of the Book of
Matthew. Matthew chapter thirteen and I hope you will have a bible open.
If you don't have a bible if someone next to you will let you get hold
of a copy and let you read along in theirs. We are looking at the
parable of the pearl of great price. We are studying sane of the parables
of the Lord Jesus. Now you remember that the parable were earthly stories
Jesus told to illustrate a spiritual or heaveDly meaning. The word
parable means to lay alongside. So here is a truth that Jesus is
trying to get across. And so in order to get that truth across he takes
an earthly story, something that people would understand and he lays it
right alongside that truth. By the studying of that story, then Jesus
conveys to us that truth. So here is what he says in verse forty five,
"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchantman, seeking goodly
pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all
that he had, and bought it."
Now in a series of seven parabies-, tr Matlthew thirteen the Lord Jesus
is teaching what he calls the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. In this
series of parables, Jesus is trying to explain to us the course of the
age in which we live when the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached. Now
the first four of these parables Jesus told to the multitude along the
seaside. After having told those four parables he takes his disciples
just inside the house and gives them the three concluding parables. Now
there is a reason why Jesus did this. In order for them to understand
what God is doing in the warlh, what was going on in the current events
that would follow after his coming. They would see in parables what he
had to say. Now you remember last week we took a look at the parable
of the man who found the treasure that was hid in a field. And we saw
that it was a very precious thing. The trea ...

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