by Jerry Vines

Matthew 13:33
"Another parable spake Jesus unto them; The kingdom of heaven is
like unto leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal,
till the whole was leavened." We are in a series of studies in Matthew
chapter thirteen about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. In order
for the Lord Jesus to explain to us some of the mysteries, some of the
secrets of the kingdom of heaven he tells his disciples and the people
stories or parables. Now you remember I said to you that a parable
is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Jesus would take something
which was familiar to the people, something they could readily understand
tell it as a story and in that story he would have a very important
spiritual meaning. And as the Lord Jesus does it he answers many of
the questions that perplex God's people in this age in which we live.
For instance, we have asked ourselves the question why is it when the
gospel is preached there are so few who seem to respond and such little
results. So to answer that question the lord Jesus gave the parable
of the seed and the different kinds of soil. Then we talked a little
bit about the fact why there an elaborate worldly formal church structure
today that is foreign in purpose and intent to the gospel of the Lord
Jesus in the New Testament. So to answer that question Jesus gave the
parable of the mustard seed that became a great tree.
Well, today we are going to answer another question and the question
is this: Why in the church today is there false doctrine and false
teaching? Why is it that the Lord permits false doctrine to be infiltrated
Now at the turn of this century there was a great deal of talk
about bringing in the kingdom. And the teaching was that the world
was just getting better and better. That the gospel was being spread
into all of the parts of the world and that eventually the whole world
was going to be Christian. That was the doctrine you heard at the ...

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