by David Davis

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When You Know God as Elohim (2 of 14)
Series: The Names of God
Dr. David Davis
Genesis 22

Knowing the names of God enables you to trust that He is aware of every area of your life; the difficulties that you encounter; and the problems that you face on an everyday basis.

The continuing statement: He is all you need - He has all you need - He is doing all you need done...Now! is an ongoing awareness that God is truly Elohim. The Strong One who is keeping covenant with His people.

If you know God as Elohim, then there will come a time when you will be tested on those truths. Whenever you learn a new Scriptural principle -- you will shortly be put to the test. You will discover whether you have learned intellectual fact or whether, in reality, you have put your life under the authority of those principles and whether you are going to live by that principle from that moment on.

It is a test and God will reach out and touch something very close to you. It may be your reputation...your well-being...or your future. Why would that happen? Because a test isn’t a test unless it becomes a personal issue to validate the lesson you claim to have learned from God’s Word.

You see this truth found in the life of Abraham. You know the story of how God told Sarah and Abraham that they were going to have a child though they were both well in years. Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 years old.

However, as many try to do, Abraham took things into his own hands finding God’s plan hard to believe. Sarah, as well, not believing it was possible for her to have a child at her age, made other arrangements for a baby to be born by getting her handmaiden, Hagar, to conceive a child by Abraham. A child was born and his name was Ismael.

Even though God’s plan was interrupted by the lack of faith of Abraham and Sarah and their attempt to find another way to bring it to pass by their own self-efforts...the plan of God was eventually fulfilled according to God’s Word. A child ...

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