by David Davis

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Experiencing God as El Roi (6 of 14)
Series: The Names of God
Dr. David Davis
Genesis 16

Isn’t it true that we always want others to see us at our best? That’s not wrong! As we come to know God as El Roi...The God Who Sees Me...certainly we want Him to see us at our best. But the truth is - He sees us at our worst and yet He loves us just as much.

Elohim is discovering God’s personality.
El Elyon is discovering God’s position.
El Roi is discovering God perception.

In Genesis 16 - we can look at how God sees us when we are at our worst. When we take the time to do some self-inventory; we will find some strong points that validate a personal relationship with El Roi. But there are some other areas that need His attention that He sees as well.

Hagar made some discoveries in her own life when she met God as El Roi. As we have seen - Hagar is the reminder that Abram had been to Egypt out of the will of God. She was the handmaiden to Abram’s wife, Sarai. She was also the young woman who became the mistreated object of Sarai because Abram and Sarai decided to take God’s plan into their own hands to fulfill the promise He had made to them concerning a son. God saw all of this going on and everyone involved were not at their best.

Our attention is focused on Hagar and we need to see what God saw as she experienced God as El Roi.


Have you ever been dismayed? What does it mean to be dismayed? It means when your life comes crashing down all around you.

Hagar had grown up in Egypt. This was one of the great areas of that day. She was raised in Pharaoh’s court; she then was suddenly yanked out of the court; she was disowned; she is separated from her family and she is given to the wife of Abram and told she is going to serve this woman for the rest of her life. You can imagine her dismay. Dismay come from several sources. It happens when you:

Lose your purpose

It is hard to get up to face each day when you don’t have a pu ...

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