by John Barnett

Where Did Satan Come From?
John Barnett
Mark 1:12-13

Above all the vast reaches of the cosmos, above all the swirling galaxies, shining stars and circling planets God made some special creatures, fashioned for His own service-the angels.

And in this angelic host of the Almighty God in heaven, above the super-powerful archangels, above the fiery seraphim, and above the mighty cherubim, there was one angel that God chose to be the crown prince of them all.

His name was Lucifer. He was designed as the star of the morning, made the leader of the host of heaven, set up as the guardian of the throne of God.

Into Lucifer’s hands was committed all that the Lord God had made and all of the angels that He had created. He was beautiful. He was perfect. But in his God-given beauty, his God-given perfection, and self-generated pride Lucifer first thought and then said, ‘‘I will be like the Most High God!’’

Where did Satan come from? That is the question that confronts us as we enter the next section in our overview of chapters 1-4 in the Gospel by Mark.

We are surveying the big messages of the first four chapters of this book until we get to chapter 5 where we left off in our study two years ago.

So far in this survey we have seen: Mark the human writer, Peter the eyewitness of Christ’s life, John the Baptist and his humility. Now as we open to Mark 1:12-13 we need to understand Satan.

The temptation of Christ by Satan has many sides to study. We could focus on HOW Satan attacked Jesus and WHEN. Or we could look at WHAT Jesus responded and WHY.

But our aim this morning is to look at another facet-WHO was it that would even consider such an attack on the Son of God? WHO is Satan, and WHERE did Satan come from?

Without the aid of God’s Word we would never really know where the Universe came from, where Satan came from, and most of all where we are headed without God’s saving intervention. We need to listen to God, and trust His Word to know an ...

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