by Jerry Vines

James 5:19-20
Dr. Jerry Vines
If you have followed with me in our study of the book of James,
I think you will agree with me that James is the most practical book in
all of the Bible. This brother of our Lord who saw the Lord Jesus live
out His life before him has given to us in the pages of this book a
message about daily, down-to-earth, practical Christian living. You
might say that we have religion in shoe leather. Or you might say that
James talks about where the rubber hits the road. James' emphasis is
that it doesn't matter what you say you believe if what you believe does
not translate into consistent, daily behavior. While Paul writes on the
believing side of faith, James writes on the behaving side of faith. He
has said in this book: "Behave yourself." A man this practical, getting
ready to conclude his book, what do you think James would be talking
about? What subject would James leave on our minds and our hearts as he
concludes this letter to us? I think it is most interesting to notice
that when James concludes this practical, down-to-earth book he is
talking about the matter of winning other people -- the soul needs of
individuals. Physical needs are very important. In this 5th chapter
James has already talked about the healing of the body. He has said
there is a ministry that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ can have in
the healing of the body. Now, in conclusion, he places the emphasis on
the healing of the soul.
Sometimes we have a tendency to get things out of balance. If
we aren't very careful we'll put more emphasis on the physical than the
spiritual. Yet, the Bible says that the things that are real and the
things that are lasting are spiritual things. The Bible says the things
which are seen are temporary, but the things which are unseen are
eternal. If we aren't very careful we will become so interested in
meeting the needs of the physical that we will neglect to meet the needs

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