by Jerry Vines

James 5:1-6
Dr. Jerry Vines
I read an article some time ago which claimed we spend 50% of
all of our time thinking about money - making money, spending money,
saving money, how we can make more money. I don't know if that's true
or not, but all of us, by necessity, spend a great deal of our time
thinking about money matters. Because this is true the Bible has a
great deal to say about money, too. The Bible is a book that relates to
your daily life. The Bible is not just a compilation of ancient
writings that were written in that day that had something to say to that
day and does not speak to our day. The Bible is the inspired Word of
God. It is eternal in its application and has something to say about
where you and I live every day of our life. This is why I enjoy the
study of the Bible. The Bible lays warm, sympathetic hands on the daily
problems you and I experience. Because we spend so much time on the
subject of money it is only natural to know that the Bible would have a
great deal to say about. Jesus was interested in the subject of money
and what people did with it. In Mark 12 the Bible says that Jesus went
into the temple to the treasury and He watched and beheld how people
cast their money into the treasury.
The Bible does say a great deal about money, but the Bible never
ever says that there is anything wrong with money. There is nothing
wrong with money in and of itself. Money itself is not an evil. That's
not what the Bible says. But the Bible says the love of money is the
root of all evil. It is when money gets out of proportion - when we
allow money to master us instead of us mastering our money that the
problem comes. You will notice in this Scripture he starts off by
saying, "Go to now." The same little phrase occurred back in chapter
4:13. It really means, I want you to think about what I'm going to say
- I have a special word, a message that I want to give directly to you.
"Go to now (think about it ...

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