by Jerry Vines

James 4:13-17
Dr. Jerry Vines
I suppose the best-known atheist in America is Madelyn Murray
O'Hare. You may recall that it was through her efforts and influence
that prayer in the public schools was outlawed. I've not heart a great
deal from Mrs. O'Hare in recent years, but she is well-known in America
because she claims to be an atheist. She says, "I do not believe that
there is a God." She is an intellectual atheist.
You may recall many years ago when the first Russian Cosmonauts
went into space and returned. I put down what one of them said. Listen
to what he said when he returned from his journey in outer space. "Some
people say there is a god out there. But in my travels around the earth
all day long, I looked around and I didn't see him. I saw no God nor
angels, I don't believe in God." When he first said that, I said if he
had stepped out of that capsule he would have seen God the first five
seconds he was out of it. He is an intellectual atheist. He says I do
not believe that there is a god. There are some who say they do not
believe there is a god and they are really not aware of what they are
saying. They are like one who said, "I'm an atheist, thank God." Lot
of people who take that approach to the matter. I'm afraid that many
intellectual atheists do not find God because they are not really
looking for God. The atheist does not find God for the same reason that
a thief does not find a policeman. But there are some people who
believe that there is no God. They can't say they don't believe
anything. If you don't believe there is no God, then you believe that
you don't believe that there is no God. The Bible says about the
intellectual atheist - the fool hath said in his heart there is no God.
Sometime ago the atheist complained a little that Christians have all of
the special days. Christians have Christmas, Easter -- all the special
days. There was some talk about giving them a special day. I ...

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