by Jerry Vines

Requirements For Revival
Dr. Jerry Vines
James 4:7-12

On the CBN news this morning there was a feature about what was
taking place spiritually among our troops in the Middle East. The news
announcement said that many of our troops are coming to know Jepll as
their Savior and that we are experiencing a revival among our troops.
Probably you will never see that on any of the major networks. But I am
excited to know that many of our young men who are presently involved in
Desert Storm are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Nothing
better could happen than for them to experience a revival of spiritual
things. I do not know if we are going to have revival in America. I
X,- ~hr around town, different places, seeing signs saying "God Bless
America." I pray that God will bless America, but I do not know if
America is experiencing a revival where we turn from our sin and commit
ourselves to the Lord. I don't know if we will have national revival or
not, but I hope we will. I do not know if we will experience city-wide
revival. I hope we do. I would like to see God do something in the
city of Jacksonville that would be so of God and that would be so
demonstrative of His power that when it was over we would say, God shook
this city in a mighty, mighty revival. We need a revival in our city.
I do not know if we will experience revival as a church. I
thank God for our church and for everything that is done, but there is
always a need that we be more of what God wants us to be. As you study
the letters to the seven churches, you will discover that even those
church that were remarkable in their commitment and dedication to the
Lord were in need of moving closer to God. I think the saddest
statement in all of the letters to the seven churches is the statement
made by the church at Laodicea where they said we are rich and increased
with goods and have need of nothing. Isn't that a remarkable thing for
a church to say. For a church to ...

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