by Jerry Vines

Are You a Church Snob?
James 2:1-13
Dr. Jerry Vines
Are you a church snob? Do you play favorites at church? Before
you answer that question I want you to listen to the message today and
then at the conclusion -a the message I want to ask you that question
again and then you make your decision.
There are somethings that are absolutely incompatible with the
Christian faith. I was reading in Ephesians 5:3 where it says, "For
neither fornication nor all uncleanliness, nor covetousness let it not
once be named among you as becometh saints." It's incompatible for a
person to say I'm a member of the Christian faith and yet to deny all of
the fundamentals that make Christianity what it is. It doesn't make any
sense for a man to say I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and then
deny everything that the Bible has to say about Jesus. That's a
contradiction. In the words of James, he lays before us something else
that is absolutely incompatible with the Christian faith. That is the
sin of the spirit of snobbishness and it is the atmosphere of favoritism
in the house of God. It is something that should never be named in the
family of the Lord. A true New Testament church, if it understands the
teachings of the Scripture, is a place where everybody is somebody and
Jesus Christ is Lord.
James is the book in the Bible that deals with daily Christian
life -- those sticky problems of daily Christian living. He is going to
meet head on a problem that is prevalent in most churches this Sunday
morning. I'm talking about the sin of favoritism. I'm talking about
showing partiality to individuals. I'm talking about the spirit of
snobbishness that somehow works its way into the fellowship of God's
James begins in verse 1 by giving us a prohibition. "Now,
brothers, don't have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with respect of
persons." That statement literally means to pay attention or to
receive one's face. It means to be influenced by outward ...

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