by Donald Cantrell

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The Old Gate (3 of 3)
Series: The Gospel in the Gates
Donald Cantrell
Nehemiah 3:6

Theme - Give me that old time religion
I - The Setting of the Old Gate
II - The Symbolism of the Old Gate
III - The Sustaining of the Old Gate

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We live in a day when Michael Sam is exalted for being a homosexual and Tim Tebow is ostracized and ran out of the NFL. In our age old fashioned churches are mocked, despised, and ridiculed; and seeker friendly cathedrals’ are running over with people coming to find a feel good message of inspiration, where preaching against sin is a sin and where anything goes and the only taboo is old fashioned standards.

The inmates are running the asylum and the monkeys are running the zoo. I find this humorous on one hand and tragically heartbreaking on the other hand. Our society is one of fast food, fast lives, fast learning, fast living, and fast religion. We want a home in heaven at a wholesale price. We live in an age where men of God have been replaced with motivational speakers, and sermons have been replaced with speeches and feel good sermonettes; and prayer has been kicked out of our schools and birth control is allowed inside.

I don’t know about you all, but; I am a stickler for old time religion. The one that has been tried, tasted, and is not tainted by the new fangled fashions of today’s leanings and likings. I don’t thing old time religion should be devalued or displaced by the new seeker friendly counterfeit diet religious menu’s that are set before us today.

Old Time Religion (W.A. Criswell)

I am reminded of a young fellow that happened to attend a liturgical church, and the preacher way up there in the pulpit said something good about Jesus, and he said, ‘‘Amen!’’ And the preacher lost his place. As the time continued, he said something else good about Jesus, and that young fellow said, ‘‘Praise the Lord!’’ And that time he really for ...

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