by Jerry Vines

James 1: 26,27
Dr. Jerry Vines
Real religion is really what James is talking about in these
verses. I use the word religion in a particular sense today. I'm aware
of the fact that actually there is a difference between religion and
salvation. Religion is man's attempt to reach God. Salvation is God's
attempt to reach man. I agree with the statement that someone made.
The world has many religions; it has only one gospel. So, there is a
difference between salvation which we experience in the Lord Jesus
Christ and religion which may be a person's attempt to find God by his
own searching, by his own good deeds or by his own ceremony. I'm going
to use the word in the wider sense of the word as James uses it in these
verses of Scripture. In that sense it is true that every body in the
world has some form of religion. In fact, 61% of the American people
are affiliated with some religious group dant inntion or organization.
In 1985 in the some 5 billion people on the face of this earth we are
told that 4 out of every 5 of those people espoused some kind of
religion. I really do agree with the well-known statement that man is
incurably religious. I think that is true. There is no one really who
does not have some basic belief -- some system of belief or ceremony.
The word, religion, in Webster's dictionary really means to bind
together. In that sense a religion is a systemfic system of belief or
ceremony by which a person seeks to bind himself to God. James uses the
word "religion" in the sense of outward ceremony. He is talking about
what a person professes outwardly. He is talking about going to church,
singing hymns, putting an offering in the offering plate, listening to
special music, listening to a sermon -- he is talking about the things
you and I are engaged in this service this morning. The question is -
is all of that real? Sigmund Freud didn't believe any of it was real.
He said, "Religion is an illusion. There is no ...

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