by Jerry Vines

James 1:13-16
Dr. Jerry Vines
I think one of the reasons the book of James is so interesting
to us is because this is the book in the Bible that deals with living
for Jesus in daily life. It has to do with living our faith, practicing
what we believe in the daily affairs of our life. All through the book
of James, he is laying warm, sympathetic hands upon the daily problems
and difficulties in life. James has already told us how to live for
Jesus when troubles come our way. He has told us how we can go to Jesus
and ask Him for wisdom when there are decisions that we need to make.
He has also talked about how that regardless what our economic condition
in life may be, whether we are well-to-do or whether we are poverty
stricken we can still live for Jesus and still be an effective child of
He also deals with how to handle the problems of temptation and
sin on a daily basis. That's what these verses are about. We are going
to talk about this whole problem of temptation and what to do with
temptation when it comes. The Bible makes it very clear that the devil
tempts us in order to cause us to sin. In verse two of this
chapter it talks about temptation. The word there is the same word, but
it is used in a different way. In verse 2 it is a noun and it is
talking about the testings which come from God to bring out the best in
us. Now in verse 13 he uses verbs and the words are used here to talk
about the temptations that come from the devil in order to bring out the
worst in us. God puts us to the test in order to bring out the best in
us. The devil tempts us in order to bring out the worst in us. In verse
13 it doesn't say that there is a possibility we may not be tempted,
but rather he says that we are going to be tempted. He doesn't use the
word if we are tempted, but when we are tempted. The first verse I ever
memorized was I Corinthians 10:13 - "There hath no temptation taken you
but such as is commo ...

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