by Jerry Vines

Dr. Jerry Vines
A young person was caught stealing. When he was confronted with
the fact that he had been stealing he said, "Well, I've been saved; I'm
going to heaven when I die; so it doesn't matter how I live." Probably
that young is more blunt than many people are, yet I am afraid that he
was expressing something that many people who- name the name of Jesus
Christ live out in their daily life. There are some people who name the
name of Jesus Christ; they have been saved; they have received Christ as
Savior by their profession; yet somehow they have not made the
correlation between what you believe and the way you behave in daily
life. There are some people who use their faith like a garment or a
coat that you put on on Sunday morning. They put on their faith on
Sunday morning and go through the day. When the day is over they take
off their coat and the rest of the week they live any way they please.
In other words, they have not understood that what you believe is to
determine the way you are to behave. To receive Jesus Christ as your
personal Savior ought to result in a change in your daily behavior. In
II Corinthians 5:17 the Bible says, "If any man be in Christ he is a new
creation; old things are passed away, behold all things are become new."
So, if a person professes faith in Jesus and there is not a new life
there one of two things is taking place. Number one, that person has
not truly been saved or, number two, if they have been saved they have
not understood the moral imperatives of the Christian life. The Bible
says that we have been made saints in the Lord Jesus Christ. It also
says that we are to live as becomes saints. We are to live a saintly
life. That's what the book of James is all about. God has given to us
in the New Testament a book which deals specifically with Christian
behavior -- a belief that behaves.
Some people have thought that James and Paul are in
contradiction to one another. I b ...

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