by Jerry Vines

Acts 27:18-25
Dr. Vines 7/26/87
Acts 27 is the account of the voyage of Paul on his way to
imprisonment in Rome. Back in the 22nd chapter of the book of Acts Paul
became a prisoner and from that point on to the conclusion of the book
of Acts Paul is not a free man. This 27 chapter of Acts tells us about
that voyage that brought him to the place where he was going to be able
to give his testimony before the caezar himself. When you read these
verses of Scripture you are aware of the fact that you have a very
detailed account of ancient seafaring. It is a gem of literary skill. It
is a classic of ancient spa-Anehip. It is the chapter that is unique in
all of the Word of God. No chapter can be found like it anywhere in the
entire Bible. I do not know this to be a fact, but I have been told that
the midshipmen at the Naval Academy Anapolis are required to read this
27th chapter because there is no other piece of literature that gives as
much detail and information about ancient seamanqhip as does Acts 27.
This chapter interestingly enough has been used through the years as one
of the place where the accuracy and the reliability of the Word of God
has been substantiated. This chapter has been a bulwark in establishing
the historisity of the Book of Acts. Back many years ago, there was a
group of agnostics who decided they were going to destroy the Bible. The
way they were going to do this was to attack the historical statements
in the NEw Testament. So, the scholars divided among themselves
different portions of the Bible, the New Testament, to study and to
prove its historical facts to be incorrect. A young scholar named Sir
William Ramsey was chosen to investigate the book of Acts. His purpose
for investigation was to prove that the historical references in the
Book were inaccurate. After a considerable period of time, after
meticulous analysis and study, Sir William Ramsey came to the conclusion
that rather th ...

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