by Jerry Vines

Acts 24:22-27
Dr. Vines

This has to be one of the most dramatic passages in all of the Bible.
The setting is Herod's palace in Caesarea. The walls of that palace had
witnessed many a bloody scene. It was in this palace that Herod himself had
passed the sentence of death upon his own sons. Many Jewish people had
experienced untold suffering and agony and affliction in those judgment halls.
This night, on this occasion, those walls are going to hear a sermon like few
ears off sermons like few ears of men have ever heard. I want to just paint
the picture for you and get you in on this passage as I begin. As the door
opens, through that door walks a man named Felix. He is the governor of Judea.
As he walks his royal red robe dances across the floor. Marks of corruption
and cruelty and compromise and covetousness are on his face. He had been born
a slave, but he had been freed. Later he became the governor of Judea. The
Roman historian, Pacifis, said about him, "He exercised the authority of a
king with a spirit of a slave." He walks to the judgment seat and takes his
place. Coming somewhat behind him is Drusilla, his wife. Still in her teens,
the daughter of King Herod Agrippa 1, she is a beautifully seductive young
lady. The glitter of her garments and her stunning appearance immediately
catches the eye of all who are gathered in the room. She takes her seat
alongside her husband, Felix. Then the door on this side opens up and a man
named Paul comes walking in. Paul, the gospel preacher. Paul, the servant of
the Lord Jesus Christ. His body is stooped. His hair is gray. Marks of great
hardship and abuse are upon his face. As he walks the chains on his hand and
feet beat a dull cadence across the floor. Here is a man who knows what it is
to suffer for the Lord Jesus. As he walks in the crowd buzzes with
conversation. They have heard about this man and the uproar he has caused in
the city of Jerusalem. As ...

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