by Jerry Vines

Acts 19:1 & 2
Dr. Vines 3/29/87
One of two things was wrong with those disciples that the apostle Paul
found (Iwhen he came to Ephesus. Ei ther they had never beeen saved and ne ced to
be born of the Spirit; or they had been saved and they needed to be filled
with the Holy Spirit, When we look at the circumstances and the average
lifestyle of those who profess the name of Jesus today we are driven to one of
those two conclusions. Either there are people who profess to know Jesus as
Savior, yet they have never been saved and need to be born by the Spirit into
God's family or they have been saved, they are living a carnal life and neec
to experience the filling of the Holy Spirit. I believe th at the filling of
the Spirit is the key experience needed to help people to live suceessfully
the Christian life. I know that you cannot be a witness for Jesus unless you
are filled with the Holy Spirit. I know also that the difference betwceen
living a carnal Christian life and a spiritual Christian life is found right
here. Those who know the Holy Spirit in power, those who have experience( the
infilli ing and are daily experiencing His power and presence in their life are
living a spiritual Christian life. There are many in the New TestameO t we are
told about who were filled with the Holy Spirit. The disciples, we are told,
were filled with the Spirit. You remember on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2,
the Bible says that the wind of God came -- the Spirit as a rushing mnignty
wind came upon them. Tongues of fire set upon each of them and then it says
that they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. On several other occasions we
are told about those disciples that they were fi I lec with the Spi riit . Tihe
disciples were filled with the Spirit. The first deacons were filled With the
Spirit. In fact one of the spiritual standards for deacons is that tney are to
be men who have been filled with the Holy Spirit. ...

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