by Ernest Easley

Evangelize to Revitalize!
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Psalm 126

Now take God’s word and turn with me to Psalm 126 where we’re going to hear God tell us the secret to church revitalization! The simple fact that we are now conducting Church Revitalization Conferences across our convention says a lot about the condition of our churches! We wouldn’t be having Church Revitalization Conferences if our churches didn’t need revitalized!

-We need God to restore our vitality and vigor.
-We need what the early church had: Holy Spirit Power!
-We need the Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon us!
-We need to say along with the Psalmist in Psalm 123.2b, ‘‘ … so our eyes are on the LORD our God until He shows us favor.’’ In other words, ‘‘we’re going to get our focus, our attention on You Lord until we have your favor!’’ Not a glance, but a gaze!

-We need a fresh touch of God upon our churches.
Now look up here for a minute. Are you good and awake now? Have you had enough caffeine this morning? The reason I’m asking is because what I need to say to you needs to go through your ears then through your mind and then be branded upon your heart!

‘‘There is no church revitalization apart from church evangelization!’’ Evangelism is at the heart of church revitalization! You cannot have a church revitalization conversation and exclude the subject of evangelism!

When it’s time for a church to Revitalize; it’s time for a church to Evangelize! To Revitalize you must Evangelize! And that’s what I want to talk to you about today from Psalm 126.

Now the setting of this Psalm reminds me of a lot of Southern Baptists today: they were glorying in days gone by; recalling the good old days when God released them from their 70 years of captivity under the Babylonians and returned them to Zion! They were thinking back over all the great and mighty things God had done in and through them: ‘‘Those were the days!’’

Look at it beginning in verse 1, ‘‘When the Lord brought back the c ...

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