by Donald Cantrell

Easter’s Infallible Proofs
Donald Cantrell
Acts 1:3

Theme: ‘‘The resurrection is an infallible fact’’
I - The Litmus Test
II - The Lying Tricksters
III - The Lovely Truth

This sermon has a fully alliterated outline that is very fluid and informative and will offer you much material for your Easter sermon.


In preparing for this sermon I wanted to clarify what the word infallible engulfed, the following is the definition: ‘‘Not capable of being wrong or making mistakes, not fallible (Fallible: capable of making mistakes or being erroneous) or certain to work properly or succeed. Incapable of error, not liable to mislead or to disappoint, incapable of error in defining doctrines touching faith or morals.’’

Scientist and Infallible

Even scientists are stumped by there own response to what is infallible proof. Science says if there is any such thing as infallible proof, it is the repetition of the same experiment.

Jesus rose from the dead, and Mary Magdalene encountered him¡ experiment one. The women encountered him¡ experiment two. The disciples encountered him¡ experiment three. The apostles encountered him¡ experiment four. Five hundred people saw him after the Resurrection experiment five.

Each one of these is the repetition of the same experiment. They all encountered the same phenomenon. What was it? He was alive! That’s what changed the history of the world.

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The late Dr. R. G. Lee, former pastor of the Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis TN expressed the value of God’s Word in this way:

‘‘The Bible is a book beyond all books as a river is above and beyond a rivulet. The Bible is a book beyond all books as the sun is above and beyond a candle in brightness. The Bible is a book beyond all books as the wings of an eagle is above and beyond the wings of a sparrow. It is supernatural in origin, eternal in duration, inexpressible in value, immeasurable in inf ...

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