by Christopher Harbin

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Seventh Day after Pentecost
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Exodus 12:24-26

“After you have entered the country promised to you by the LORD, you and your children must continue to celebrate Passover each year. Your children will ask you, 'What are we celebrating?'” Exodus 12:24-26

Traditions have an important place to play in our lives. Celebrations help us remember milestones, they remind us of important times and events in our past. They help us to think toward the future in terms of difficulties and accomplishments of the past. They help us remember and so avoid the traps of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. At least that is one way in which celebrations can serve us.


Eighth Day after Pentecost
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Matthew 5:46

"If you love only those people who love you, will God reward you for that? Even tax collectors love their friends." Matthew 5:46

It is very easy to settle into a community of friends and stop seeing the larger world around us. On one level, it is a defense mechanism that allows us to live in larger communities. There are only so many people with whom we can relate at a deeper level. There are only so many stories we can keep track of. There are only so many hours in the week in which we can interact meaningfully with one another.
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