by Jerry Vines

Acts 19:2
Dr. Vines 3/15/87
I'm going to take this place as an opportunity to teach some studies on
the Holy Spirit -- the person and the work and the filling of the Holy Spirit.
I'm going to do this because of the questions that arises in the two verses in
Acts. 19: 1 & 2. I'm going to try to answer the question, Who is the Holy
Spirit? We talk about the Holy Spirit, songs are sung about the Holy Spirit,
you have heard about the Holy Spirit. The question we want to answer is, Who
is the Holy Spirit?
In response to this question of Paul's, did you receive the Holy Spirit
when you believed, these disciples said we have not even heard whether there
be any Holy Spirit. I think these words epitomize the widespread ignorance
there is today in religious circles concerning the person and the work of the
Holy Spirit. They said we do not even know that the Holy Spirit exists. The
ignorance concerning the Holy Spirit is the reason I believe, the root cause
of the basic coldness and deadness in many a congregation of believers. If a
church does not understand the part the Holy Spirit plays, then the church
will never be what God intends for it to be. The excitement, the joy, the
power, the convicting presence which comes when the Holy Spirit is in a place
is absolutely essential if a church is to be what God wants it to be. Back
when I was going to college and had a church out in the country, the Lord was
really blessing out church. We wer-e havLing peonple saved, the power of God was
real, you could just walk in that building and sense the presence of the Lord.
I was preaching on the Holy Spirit. Nearby there was a church and a
congregation that minimizes the role of the Holy Spirit. It is also a group
that likes to debate and challenge other denominations of people to religious
arguments. The preacher of that church started making fun of our church --
making fun of me and the fact that I was preaching that the Holy S ...

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