by Jerry Vines

Acts 18:1-3, 18-19, 24-26
Dr. Vines 2/22/87
Before we move on I want to introduce you to a lovely Bible family --the
family of Aquila and Priscilla. I believe the Bible teaches that faith is
intended to be a household matter. When the jailor said to Paul, back in
chapter 16, what must I do to be saved? Paul replied, believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, and thou house. Evidently the household
of the jailor came to know Christ and theirs became a household religion. Then
of course you remember when Jesus cast the demons out of the man named Legion.
Legion wanted to go with the Lord on his evangelistic tour, but instead the
Lord Jesus said to Legion, go home and tell thou friends how great things the
Lord hath done for thee. Jesus wanted him to go back to his home and to share
with them what Jesus had done in his life. I have come to believe, after many
years of studying the Bible and looking at the Christian faith and all of its
ramifications, that you really do not live the Christian faith any wher-e
unless you live it in your own home. If you do not live for Jesus at your
house I really question if you ever live for Jesus anywhere else. The Lord
intends that the Christian faith be a family affair. There are many wonderful
families given to us in the New Testament. There is the family of Mary and
Joseph where the Holy Spirit of God placed the Lord Jesus Christ. In that
family we are told that the Lord Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, in favor
with God and man. Then, we couldn't forget the family of Mary, Martha and
Lazarus. Those two sisters and brother lived in a little village called
Bethany. Many times Jesus seemed to like to go to that family and have a time
of refreshment and fellowship with them -- a beautiful, lovely, wonderful
Bible family. We are told right here in the book of Acts about the family of
Cornelius. He did a wonderful thing. He gathered together into his household
all of his f ...

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