by Jerry Vines

Acts 18:1-17
Dr. Vines 2/15/87
The apostle Paul is in the course of his second missionary journey. Back
in chapter 17 he went to three major cities - Thessalonica - won people and
established a church there, wrote two letters back to them. Secondly, he went
to the city of Berea. They were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that
they received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures
daily whether those things were so. Third, he went to Athens, the intellectual
cent~rocf the day,~ pr~-efrhld that mag~nificent sermon about the resurrection of
the Lord on Mars Hill. Now, from the city of Athens he is moving on to the
city of Corinth.
I suppose everyone of us in this building tonight have had the
experience in life when really we felt like just giving up and quitting. It
may have been the pressures of the problems of daily life. You just felt like
you couldn't go on any further under those pressures. It may have been some
difficulties facing you down deep in your own spirit. The pressure and burden
of that got you to the point that you said to yourself, I think I'll just give
up, I think I will quit. Whatever it may be those things become like a
nagging, leaky faucet, just dripping away on your spirit and getting to the
point where you say, "I think I'll just give up. I can't go on anymore." I
know that's true because I look into the faces tonight of several hundred
preachers of the gospel. I know from my own experience from preaching the word
and I know when the Bible talks about the burden of the Word of the Lord that
every man of God has had those times in his life when if he was really honest
with his own emotions and feelings he would say I'm just gonna quit, I'm going
to lay it aside, the journey is too hard for me and it's all over with me. I
want to be an encouragement to you. Would it encourage you to know that some
of the greatest people in the Bible have gotten to the point in their ...

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