by Jerry Vines

Acts 17:14-34
Dr. Vines 2/8/87
It won't be too long now that these young people sitting down here and
different places in the building are going to finish high school. You are
going to graduate by the grace of God. Probably there will be a lot of you who
will be leaving home and going away to college. I that's true, when you move
to that university city and when you walk onto that campus and walk into the
classroom, you are going to find yourself in a totally different atmosphere.
It won't be the atmosphere of your Sunday School class. You will not find
yourself in the same kind of climate as you have in the services you have
attended in our church here. It will be an altogether different atmosphere.
The question we raise about that is this. The things you have been taught in
Sunday School. The Bible you have been taught to believe and the truths of the
Bible that have been placed in your heart, are those things going to be able
to stand up in that kind of intellectual atmosphere. In Romans 1:16, the
apostle Paul said these words: " or I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. Paul was
basically saying, "I am not ashamed, I am proud of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
He meant by that that whatever atmosphere a Christian may find himself,
whatever the intellectual climate may be, he doesn't have to be ashamed of his
gospel and he need not be intimidated by the thoughts that will be thrown at
him. I'm especially interested in our young people because I know many of them
indeed with be leaving after graduation from high school, and will be' going
into those very kinds of atmospheres. This is something of what Paul
experienced when he journeyed to the city of Athens Greece. At that time
Athens was the intellectual and also the artistic center of the world. It was
known the world over for its literature, its oratory, its architecture, its
sculpture and for its ph ...

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