by Jerry Vines

Acts 17:10-15
Dr. Vines 2/1/87
A young lady was expecting to be married. She had an uncle who was a
very uncle and she anticipated that on the occasion of her wedding he would
give to her a very exp-enbsi-ve, magn-if4cent wedding- gift. S&o. the time for the
wedding came and sure enough her uncle attended the wedding. After the
ceremony was over he presented her with her wedding gift. As soon as she could
she opened up the wedding gift from her wealthy uncle only to be disappointed
to find that he had only given her a simple book. She had really thought she
was going to get something tremendously expensive, a very wealthy gift, and
all he had given to her was a book. Some weeks later she decided that since
she had a book and since she liked to read she would just go ahead and read
that book. She read all through the book and she got right to the end and she
found that the last two pages in the book had been pasted together. She took
scissors and opened up the last two pages. On the inside she found her uncle
had given her a check for $1,000. There was a treasure in the pages of that
book and she almost missed it.
I want to talk to you about a new look at an old book. I'm referring, of
course, to the Bible. I had a poem some years ago that was given to me about
the Bible that has meant a great deal to me.
Though the cover is worn and the pages are torn,
And though places bear traces of tear,
Yet more precious than gold is the book,
Worn and old.
That can scatter and shatter my fears.
This old book is my guide.
Tis a friend by my side.
It will lighten and brighten my way
And each promise I find soothes and gladdens
My mind as I read it and heed it today.
I'm sure all of you are in the position I am in tonight. You have found in
your Bible a wonderful treasure. In the pages of the Bible you have found in
this old book a wonderful message for your heart and a life-changing truth,
given to you in words ...

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