by Jerry Vines

Acts 16:11-15
Dr. Vines 1/11/87
It may be helpful to us, because we have been away from these verses for
a few weeks to plug back in to th narrative at this point in the book of
Acts. The apostle Paul has launched his second missionary journey. He has
experienced a very unusual and remarkable leading of the Holy Spirit. He tried
to go into one direction and the Spirit of God said, no. He sought to go in
another direction and the Holy Spirit would not allow him to do so. In that
kind of attitude of uncertainty, the Lord gave to Paul a vision by night. In
that vision he saw a man from Macedonia who said, "Come over into Macedonia
and help us." The next morning they gathered together and the Scripture says
that they were very certain that the Lord had called them to preach the Gospel
in Europe. This has to be one of the most important and strategic passages in
all of the Bible. This launches the preaching of the gospel on the continent
of Europe. From there it has been possible for you and for me to hear the
glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, we see Paul as he begins a new
adventure. There must have been a thrill as his heart leaped at the prospect
of this new opportunity to tell people about the Lord and about they could be
saved through him. Notice in verse 11 it says that they loosed from Troas,
setting sail, and they came with a straight course to Samathracia, an island.
The next day to Neapolis. It's not apparent in the reading of this verse, but
I'll show you that the Lord Himself was involved in this journey. God Himself
was speeding them on their journey. When it says here that they went with a
strdig-ht cru-re it means that they took a beel-ine. They went straight as an
arrow where they were going. Look at the 20th chapter of Acts and the 6th
verse. We have the return journey of Paul and his party from Philippi back to
Troas. You will notice that it says that they came unto Troas from Ph ...

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