by Jerry Vines

Acts 11:26
Dr. Vines 9/27/86
Who Is A Christian?

I want to bring a message on one word in the Bible. You can preach on a book
of the Bible and that's a blessing. You can take a chapter of the Bible and you can
just get thrilled to death. Or you can take a verse of the Bible and God can speak to
you. Or you can even take a word of the Bible and God has something special for you.
That's what I want to do today - take one word and
speak to you from that word on who is a Christian?

Look at the Scripture, Acts 11:26, the last sentence in that verse. I
give the overall picture tonight in the message, but today just one statement.
"...And the disciples were called Christians first in

A few years ago it came as a real surprise to me in reading and studying the
Bible to discover that the word, Christian, occurs only three times in the
entire New Testament. It occurs here where the Scriptures says the disciples
were called Christians first in Antioch. The second time it occurs is in Acts
26. The Bible says King Agrippa replied to the witness of Paul and said,
"Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian." The third time it occurs is in
I Peter 4:16. "If any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but
let him glorify God on this behalf."
That was a surprise to me because I have been brought up to know that
the most common terminology used to refer to the followers of Jesus is the
word, Christian. All of my life that's what I have heard. Those who know
Christ, those who follow Christ are Christians. Yet, it was surprising to me
to notice that in the New Testament that was not the word which the believers
in the Lord used to describe themselves. Sometimes they called trerselves
brothers. The brothers of the Lord. At other times they referred to themselves
as saints, those that have been set apart to the Lord. Sometimes they call
themselves the believers, the faithful, those who believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ. When the w ...

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