by Jerry Vines

Acts 10
Dr. Vines 9/14/86
This has to be one of the most important chapters in the entire Word of
God. The lessons which are taught in this chapter have made it possible for
the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached to all people, everywhere, to the
entire human race. What you find in this particular chapter shatters prejudice
in the life of the believer and opens the doors wide for Gentiles to know
Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to be saved. What takes place in Acts 10
rocked the early church and actually threatened to divide it. If this chapter
had not taken place the chances are that you and I would not be in this
building tonight. The chances are that the gospel of Jesus Christ would never
have been brought to our shores. It's a very important chapter and the
substance of the chapter is very vital to an understanding of the kind of
gospel that Jesus Christ has given to us to declare. Some people have called
this the Gentile Pentecost. Up to this point in the spread of the early church
the believers have primarily been chosen and taken from the Jewish people.
Expansion has primarily been Jewish in nature. From this point on, the Gospel
of Jesus has an open door to go all the way even unto the Gentiles. The great
river of love that began to flow at Calvary's cross burst every dam that is
placed in its way, overflows its banks and reaches to all people everywhere to
give them an opportunity to be saved. I want to follow carefully the unfolding
of the events of this chapter and in so doing, show you the wonderful, world-
wide gospel we have to proclaim.
First of all, I want us to think together, as the scene opens, about a
I. Groping Centurion.
I've read these opening four or five verses and it tells us about a
centurion. It's a very unlikely scene that begins. We would hardly be prepared
for this scene had we not already read the book of Acts and know what was
coming at this particular time. It begins in an un ...

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